The Stringz Kidz program

Our Stringz Kidz program is known throughout Brisbane as a fantastic way to get children making music. Our unique learning program has been tailor-made, designed specifically for primary school children from grades 1 to 7. We have been teaching it for over 10 years in the Brisbane area and many of our excellent private students and former students started off with a ukulele in our Stringz Kidz program. Groups of up to 8 children can participate; working to a mostly original repertoire, designed from the ground up to teach children the mechanics of guitar in a fun, music filled environment.

For students too young (or small) to start straightaway on guitar, begin using a modified ukulele. It’s not a standard ukulele, but a reinforced instrument, tuned to the highest 4 strings of the guitar. This familiarises the student with the mechanics of guitar (strumming, holding down chords properly) and once they’ve grown to the right size, they step up to guitar.

If you already have a guitar or ukulele, that’s fantastic, you can purchase our starter book kit and you’re ready for your first Stringz Kidz lesson! It comes with a tote bag, some Stringz Kidz branded picks, and our “Cooking Up A Chord Cake” Stringz Kidz songbook and CD!

For those who don’t have an instrument yet, we sell starter classical guitar kits and modified ukuleles – tuned and setup! We recommend talking to us before you order, as we prefer to size your child for the exact right instrument for them. Also there’s a range of cool and funky colours available!

Although classes will often be a mixture of children from both tiers of the Stringz Kidz program; we offer two tailored levels of learning.

Grades 1-3: Ukulele

The ukulele suits young kid’s physical size, stage of development and fine motor skills. And, when the time is right, they simply transfer the skills they have learnt directly to the guitar. This particular instrument is a “guitar-le-le”, which has been especially set-up and tuned with guitar development in mind.

Grades 4-7: Guitar

By this stage, kids are ready to master a greater range of skills and learn the foundations of musicianship that will last them a lifetime. Following grade 7, the young musician can transfer into solo classes with Stringz Guitar Studio.

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