Online Video Lessons

We offer lessons via Zoom & Skype to bring our brand of guitar tuition to guitarists around the globe and around the clock! These lessons are with Michael.

We do not teach people under the age of 18 via video chat.

If you’re a beginner, or even someone at a fairly intermediate level, you probably won’t get that much out of a video lesson. So much about beginner guitar lessons is about playing together, at the same time. The fundamentals of strumming and rhythm are almost impossible for a teacher to teach via a video connection, as the lag between servers causes a delay between an action on screen and the teacher seeing it. Long story short, online video lessons make “jamming” via video chat sadly impossible.

It suits an “instruction, then imitation/replication” type of lesson format where the video lag isn’t a problem.

Frustratingly, the students who best benefit from video lessons are already quite advanced guitarists who are looking to further technical skills, learn theory/analysis, chord voicings, etc. If this is you, and you’re interested in lessons, please get in contact!