Stringz Kidz start-up-kits

Starting your kids with a quality instrument of the right size is essential to setting them up for success. This does not mean you have to spend a fortune. In fact, quality instruments are better priced than ever before and we’ve taken all the hassle out of buying a new instrument with our start up kits.

Stringz Kidz offers a special start-up kit for new students, saving the hassle of navigating through music stores to find the right instrument for your child.

Our $35 Start Up Kit contains
– Our original music songbook full of lessons that we will work through with your child.
– Some guitar picks.
– A CD of song recordings.
– A satchel bag to keep it all in!

Years 1-3: Ukulele
We offer two modified ukulele options (in your choice of colours), tuned, with our chord stickers ready to go, in a gig-bag.
SK Soprano (smaller size) $40
SK Tenor (larger size) $7

Years 4-7: Guitar
We offer two modified nylon-string guitar options (in your choice of colours), tuned, with our chord stickers ready to go, in a gig-bag.
1/2 size Guitar (smaller size) $105
3/4 size Guitar (larger size) $115

For older or taller children, full sized guitars are available for $130.

You can order your start-up pack with us when you book your first lesson!