Guitar Repairs and Maintenance

Stringz Guitar Studio is proud to have a fully tooled and stocked guitar repair bench, and we specialise in restrings, setups, fret dressing and levelling alterations, electrical work and aftermarket pickup installation for both acoustic and electric guitars.

Guitar repairs are not just about huge jobs. Keeping your guitar in pristine playing shape (no matter its age or its number of scratches)  is half the battle, and a well setup instrument will serve as the foundation for a good learning experience, a good performance, a good recording, or whatever you set out to achieve with your guitar. At Stringz Guitar Studio we can offer this at a competitive rate, with fast turnaround time.

Our current rates are as follows: (All dollar values are in $AUD

Stringz Guitar Studio: ‘String Change Workshops’ – $36
A few times a year we put on a workshop, showing interested students how to clean, polish, restring and maintain their instrument. For more information, see our String Change Workshops page for more information!

‘NuStringz’ service – Prices start at $20!
We’re super proud to announce ‘NuStringz’; our official “guitar makeover service”. It includes the following:
• Check over your guitar for any repairs and maintenance required
• Supply and fit a complete new set of strings (brand is of your choice below) to your guitar. 
• Professionally polish the frets and give the fretboard a thorough clean
• Oil the fretboard
• Clean and polish the guitar

NuStringz service for Classical guitar

• NuStringz with Darco Ball End High Tension – $26
• NuStringz with D’Addario EJ27N Normal Tension – $28
• NuStringz with D’Addario EJ27H High Tension – $28

NuStringz service for Steel string acoustic guitar
• NuStringz with D’Addario EXP16 Light 12-53 – $34
• NuStringz with D’Addario EXP26 Custom Light 11-52 – $34

NuStringz service for Electric guitar
• NuStringz with D’Addario EXP110 Regular Light 10-46 – $32
• NuStringz with D’Addario EXP140 Light Top, Heavy Bottom 10-52 – $32
• NuStringz with D’Angelico Flatwounds X-Lights $32
• NuStringz with generic 9-42 $20
• NuStringz with generic 9-46 $20

Standard Setup and Service – Prices start at $110
Our standard setup and service is a detailed, comprehensive overhaul of your guitar. We are confident to say it will come back to you playing as nice, if not better than when it was new. It includes the following:
• Check hardware and electronics/ string height at nut
• Check and adjust if necessary: neck relief / string height at bridge / pickup height / intonation
• Check and adjust string height at nut (if necessary) 
• Lubricate points of contact (ie nut slots and saddles)
• Fret polish
• Fretboard service
• Fit new strings (Customer’s choice from our range) 
• Report any issues needing further attention

Note: All restrings or setups for electric guitars equipped with Floyd Rose (or equivalent double-locking) tremolos will incur a $20 surcharge.

Acoustic Guitar – Other Services

  • Fret level, crown and polish (no setup) –  $125
  • Supply/Fit Hand Carved Bone Bridge Saddle – $35
  • Supply/Fit Hand Carved Bone Nut – $45
  • Supply/Fit Hand Carved Bone Nut and Bone Bridge Saddle – $65
  • Supply/Fit Pickup with Preamp – Prices start at $120
  • Supply/Fit Aftermarket Tuning Heads – Contact us for a quote.

Electric Guitar – Other Services

  • Fret level, crown and polish (no setup) –  $125
  • Supply/Fit Hand Carved Bone Nut – $45
  • Aftermarket Pickup Installation – $50 (each additional pickup $20)
  • Supply/Fit Aftermarket Tuning Heads – Contact us for a quote.

Prices are in AUD and include GST.
Prices are subject to change and are current as of January 1, 2016.

To book your guitar in for maintenance please contact us.